Daniel Sim

Technical Expert

Expert Highlights

  • Expert witness advice for forensic investigation, and legal dispute resolution for complex offshore construction and engineering projects including both upstream energy and offshore renewables.
  • Most notable expert appointment was on an offshore pipeline construction dispute valued at circa. circa €750 mil in 2,100m water depth.
  • Technical analysis of claims and technical advice for arbitrations and settlement negotiations.
  • Highly experienced offshore marine warranty surveyor and casualty investigator.
  • Investigation and determination of nature and extent of damages for various engineering and marine operation incidents.
  • Experience of reviewing and approving engineering analysis and operational procedures relating to offshore transportation and installation operations.
  • Operational performance investigation and research for the determination of root cause analysis for conflict resolution.
  • Active engagement with innovations in renewables industry to provide thought leadership on energy transition.

Daniel is an Associate Director for CCi’s insurance division with global experience across many countries in Europe, Middle East, West Africa, South-East Asia and Gulf of Mexico. As maritime construction expert, Daniel has detailed knowledge of all phases of offshore deepwater construction operations from loadout to final hook up and commissioning.

He has acted as an independent expert witness and provided forensic reports for international arbitrations in respect to vessel mobilisation progress, operational progress and technical installation issues. In addition, has an in depth knowledge of offshore Construction All Risks (CAR) policies and their practical application to Physical Damage (PD) claims.



Professional Memberships

Fellow Institute Marine Engineering, Science & Technology
Associate Member of Royal Institute of Naval Architects
Member of the RINA Maritime Innovation Committee