Stephen Bradshaw

Technical Expert

Expert Highlights

  • Over 50 years of experience in the Power Generation and Process engineering industries.
  • Some of the recent experiences as Machines Consultant on Generator and HV Motor failures being Power Gen (Trinidad], Drax (UK), Vestras (Denmark), Ingula (SA), Teco Energy (Thailand), Sual (Philippines), Deagu (S Korea), completing RCA investigations, Expert witness and reports, reviewing repair methodology, and expediting.
  • Incorporated Engineer MIET and IEEE.
  • Appointed as expert witness on major plant.
  • BSc and BA in Mathematics, Power and Electrical Engineering.
  • International reputation in the Insurance Industry for resolving failures and generation problems.
  • Lifetime of proven experience in the maintenance, repair, operation, design, refurbishment and manufacture of power station plant and electrical machines.

A career that encompasses practical and technical experience as in-house consultant for several Utilities, Manager of GEC generator refurbishment facility Stafford, Operations and Commercial Manager at Alstom Rugby. For the last sixteen years I have operated an independent Machines Consulting business.

Some Major Project experience: Sual (Philippines)- site rewind and rebuild of U1 & 2 600MW stators, Barking Reach 250MVA Unit 3 Stator failure on site core build and rewind, Ratchaburi (Thailand) GTG 12 245 MW Rotor shaft failure, Orot (Israel) 424 MVA stator failure and rewind, Sohar (Oman) 222 MW Units1,2&3 retaining ring failures, Ingula (S Africa) investigation and complete rebuild of U3 373MVA Pump storage generator [inside the cavern]. There are many more that could be tabled.


Mines & Quarries institute (Part 3) Electrical & Mechanical Engineering
HNC (Electrical & Power Engineering)
HNC Endorsements (Power Systems, Computer Engineering, Network Systems)
Council of Engineering Institutes Part 1 (Electrical Engineering) Equivalent to BSc
Open University BA (Mathematical Modelling, Pure Mathematics, Physics)

Professional Memberships

Member of the Institute of Technology (M.I.T.E)
Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (M.I.E.E.E)