HS Property Hub Webinar

On June 15th 2022, Chris Everett presented at The HS Property Hub, ‘Cladding – The Implication for Valuation’ webinar.

This webinar provides a clear-thinking guide to how to value before cladding works are done, while the works are being carried out and after the works are completed. It also provides guidance on how the cost of the works should be estimated and who is likely to have to meet the cost and in what proportions.

Please enjoy the presentation below.

About The HS Property Hub

The HS Property Hub (HSPH) is a leading provider of CPD property education in the UK. Each year, HSPH produces leading conferences, training courses, webinars, and online lectures for the real estate community. Underlying all activities is a commitment to provide post qualification briefings and training of practical relevance to the real needs of the working practitioner.

To watch the full presentation, please click here

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