Construction Claims Management

Extensive industry expertise in communicating entitlements and avoiding disputes

Claims arise on virtually all projects, and our experts successfully manage them through to agreement on a daily basis. Our speciality lies in establishing clarity around your contractual entitlements and liabilities and laying this out in clear documentation so you can move forward in a cost-effective and amicable way that helps to avoid dispute.

Our world-leading claims management team will carry out forensic analysis to identify the causes of your case and the parties responsible before generating a precise quantification of the effects on your project in terms of delay, quantum and technical considerations. Our claims specialists then distil their detailed evaluations into comprehensive submissions that put you in the best position for a successful outcome.

Expert claims management for dispute avoidance

  • A multidisciplinary team bringing together delay, quantum and technical experience with legal and contractual compliance expertise
  • A streamlined and efficient approach that delivers a better claim experience
  • World-class proficiency in both establishing effective claims and providing advisory consultancy throughout a project’s lifespan


CCi have worked on hundreds of projects worldwide. With specialist teams in time, cost and technical, and a broad range of industry experience, we bring clarity to the most complex of situations.

1600MW Coal Fired Power Station

Location: USA

Following catastrophic failure of the ID fan, CCi was appointed to analyse the project’s rebuild schedule and to conduct a ‘health check’ assessing the schedule’s suitability with regards to supporting the overall project management process and assisting with the claim. CCi also established the project’s pre-incident position, identifying delays to the scheduled date for the start of commercial operations and verified resultant delays from damage to achieve a successful settlement of the claim.

Process Plant (acetic acid, CO & VAM)

Location: Saudi Arabia

Expert advisor – visiting the site in 2009/2010 and reviewing the Primavera critical path schedules to assess their reliability. Advising the on-site planning department on project controls techniques. Successfully assisted the MEIP sub-contractor to negotiate acceleration payments in 2010.  5,000 workers on site.

Bridge Project

Location: USA

Construction of a bridge spanning the Ohio River was delayed as a result of flooding from a high river event. CCi was retained by underwriters to investigate the amount of delay caused to the project completion date by repairing damage from the flood. CCi’s analysis showed that while the flood had caused critical delay to the project completion date at the time of the loss, delays to procurement of sections of the bridge after the loss meant ultimately the flood caused no actual delay to the project completion date.