Strategic Loss Management

Is an independent Project Management solution whereby CCi is embedded within the Policyholder’s team to manage the reinstatement process on their behalf. Founded on the principles of Construction Management, the service is particularly valuable on large and/or complex property losses when the Policyholder does not have the necessary technical expertise or resources internally or immediately on hand to deploy.

Utilising CCi’s experience in both the Insurance and Construction Industries, SLM can remove the burden from Policyholders by deploying the relevant expertise to independently determine damage/repair scopes, generate cost/time estimates, procure and manage delivery of the reinstatement project.

A dedicated Project Manager, with access to all CCi’s technical, quantum and time professionals. This single point of contact, directly interfaces with the Policyholder to provide fact based analysis and reports that are specifically designed to be shared with Adjusters /Insurers/Brokers to facilitate discussion on payments, exposures and policy response.

The advantages are immediate:

  • Technically qualified, independent consultants, deployed to assist Policyholders;
  • Seamless interface across technical disciplines;
  • Single point of contact reporting to all Stakeholders;
  • Reduces disputes on time, cost, technical;
  • Credibility based on 25 years’ experience working with Insurers;
  • Increased Policyholder confidence in process;
  • Transparency;
  • Faster resolution;
  • Reduced fees/cost, avoidance of double-accounting;
  • Fixed Fees based on known parameters.


CCi have worked on hundreds of projects worldwide. With specialist teams in time, cost and technical, and a broad range of industry experience, we bring clarity to the most complex of situations.