Marine & Offshore Construction

Our Technical Experts investigate International Marine claims and disputes on behalf of Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Lawyers, Port Owners and Operators, Ship Owners, P&I Clubs, and other members of the marine construction and engineering communities.

As elected committee members and technical advisors in the marine environment, our engineers are experienced in conflict resolutions as well as assurance of IMO, ISO, IMSBC Code and SOLAS compliance. We establish the nature and extent of damage to Ports and Terminals, Bulk Cargoes, Project Cargo, including Offshore Construction Operations. Our technical experts often work in collaboration with our Project Monitoring and Quantum experts to ensure consistent supervision of the time and costs required for repair/reinstatement.

We advise our clients on the following issues: 

  • Provision of expert witness advice for complex shipping casualties, including project cargo for power generation projects
  • Undertake the Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Supervision of laboratory analysis and interpretation of cargo test results
  • Technical review of maritime operational procedures such as Site Specific Assessments, windfarm installations for WTGs, foundations and cables, as well as other ancillary equipment operations
  • Assistance with scope definition and feasibility studies for port and/or facilities repairs
  • Cost benefit analysis on reinstatement/repair methodology/sequencing, including the management of the tender and procurement proces
  • Cost validation for progress payments of major works
  • Preparation of accurate estimates that can serve the basis of reserve considerations, factual analysis to assist in liability determination, contribution, etc.

IMO = International Maritime Organization

ISO = International Organization for Standardization

IMSBC = International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code

SOLAS = Safety Of Life At Sea Code