Professional indemnity claims

Specialist, world-leading subrogation support

CCi’s technical, quantum and delay experts have been appointed on professional negligence claims on construction, engineering and energy projects around the world.

We have a team of technical, engineering and design consultants who provide concise advice and opinion on the quality of designs, whether they are fit for purpose and whether they have been prepared in accordance with contract requirements and industry best practice. Working alongside our delay and quantum experts we can go on to show through forensic analysis the consequences of any erroneous designs and their effect on the construction programme and commercial consequences.

These disciplines can be appointed to defend claims made under a professional indemnity policy or supporting a subrogation process. Our multi-disciplinary teams of technical, quantum and delay experts are trusted internationally, often going on to provide expert witness testimony. On many occasions this expertise is used on matters that have settled in mediation.

We provide an efficient service to determine acts of negligence, actual loss sustained and have a reputation for helping insurers defend or recover as much of the claim as possible.

Professional indemnity claims services designed for rapid resolution

  • Fast identification and application of optimum insurance methodologies
  • Renowned for delivering definitive expert witness testimony
  • Industry-leading recovery results