Project monitoring

Cost effective, world-leading independent progress and cost verification

Project monitoring with CCi is all about transparency. Our highly skilled teams continually assess the progress of a project to make sure all insurance stakeholders have an ongoing understanding of its status. We carry out this monitoring independently on-site or remotely, identifying performance issues that could affect costs or completion timings.

Our expertise lies in accurately and cost-effectively monitoring and benchmarking progress on fast-moving projects where cost and scope are being determined in real time. We help clients navigate through complex situations where there are loss-related activities happening alongside non-loss-related activity, creating significant scope for disputes to arise.

Definitive progress monitoring for a smooth-running project

  • Provided on pre-loss DSU construction projects or portfolios and on the damage repair
  • Easy to implement and non-invasive, requiring no specialist information
  • Can be combined with Lenders/Funders monitoring requirements
  • Regular robust and detailed monthly progress reports