CCi experts have worked on major infrastructure projects from bridges and airports, to roads and rail services.

Our experts, experienced on High-Speed Rail and Hi-Tech Airports around the world, have handled many assignments relating to delays and cost overruns.

Sector Background

This sector often demands large teams of qualified and experienced experts with technical, delay and quantum skillsets. CCi have provided such teams for mega infrastructure projects such as HS2. We also have experts currently working on railways, airports and roads across the globe.

How CCi Can Help

Large infrastructure projects are always under time pressure. Time pressure leads to early starts which then  encounter changes in design as well as changes due to constant technical innovation. CCi assist clients in managing delays and disruption. Experts analyse the impact of such changes and evaluate the costs or losses incurred for the purposes of recovery.

Our Expertise in this Sector

CCi personnel are widely experienced in infrastructure projects and in the most complex of contract arrangements. CCi understand the issues that are likely to arise on your major infrastructure projects and stand ready to help today, without a learning curve.

Scope of Work

CCi advise on the technical and project control clauses that assist lawyers in drafting contracts that properly manage change and diminish project risk. CCi experts also oversee the project controls during the work, protecting all parties from any unnecessary risk of conflict.

CCi Experts Have Testified in Infrastructure Cases

Globally CCi employ experts who have testified in the courts and in international arbitrations across the globe. CCi Experts have experienced cross examination and joint expert testimony. Our empirical understanding of this major sector saves time and fees.

Clients And Case Studies

CCi have vast Infrastructure experience in the region, to name three: Aviation -Dubai Terminal 3, UAE, Bridge construction Ohio River USA, CCi’s analysis identified the cause of the delay. Light Railway-UK, CCi provided an opinion on delays and extensions of time, together with the assessment of the Final Account.

Sector Specific Understanding Of Issues and Solutions

Major infrastructurel projects are often hindered by late land permissions. They encounter security risks along their length and face the challenge of working in rural areas. Airports almost always overrun as they encounter new technology while the work progresses. CCi understand these challenges and have strategies, learned from earlier projects, to address these issues.


Finding the best Infrastructure expert means finding an expert who has genuine experience of working on similar projects. CCi experts have that experience.

Infrastructure: Delay, Quantum And Technical Experts

Our specialist consultants, advisors and experts are strategically based around the globe, acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technology projects. We focus on providing three core skill sets — planning, quantum and technical — which are intrinsically linked. These disciplines allow us to offer an integrated approach as well as individual expertise across this sector.

Infrastructure Projects

CCi have worked on Infrastructure projects worldwide, here are some examples:

International Airport

Location: Oman

Post-tender advice to specialist contractor on FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 provisions as amended by particular conditions regarding schedule of prices, change and valuation of change prior to executing contracts.

275kV Infrastructure Project

Location: UK

CCi was appointed as the quantum expert on behalf of the contractor on a dispute between it and the conductor supplier involving an alleged defective conductor and the financial consequences of it. The CCi expert prepared draft, joint and final reports for the High Court litigation liaising with instructing solicitors, witnesses of fact and the QC. They also advised on the Part 36 offer that was ultimately accepted by the other party shortly before trial.

Light Railway Project

Location: UK

CCi was appointed as quantum and delay experts to provide opinion on delays and extensions of time, together with the assessment of the Final Account. The team ensured that the delay and extension of time analysis was presented in a way that clearly showed the delays and entitlements to time and was also readily usable in quantum assessments. The matter was on track for litigation but was settled in subsequent mediation in which the experts played a prominent role.

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