Power Gen

CCi experts have worked on coal, gas, oil and nuclear power generation facilities.

CCi are experienced in new build, planned outages and decommissioning and work across clean power and carbon capture projects.

Sector Background

Alongside power generation owners, contractors and major international suppliers of generation, are transforming and distributing equipment that can cost millions of pounds. Delays and changes have significant impacts on completion costs and delays in generation and income.

How CCi Can Help

Our experts assist setting up contracts to properly monitor and control project records. We provide advice on distressed projects and are often instructed to evaluate delays and overrun costs, including damages.

Scope of Work

CCi are ready to advise on the technical and project control clauses that assist lawyers in drafting O&G contracts that properly manage change and diminish project risk. Our delay and quantum experts prepare independent reports for negotiation or third-party resolution.

CCi Experts Have Experience in Power Generation Cases

Globally CCi employ experts who have testified in the courts and in international arbitrations across the globe. CCi Experts have experienced cross examination and joint expert testimony on cases involving international power generators.

Sector Specific Understanding Of Issues and Solutions

Power projects are often very expensive, costing billions of pounds. Delays and changes must be assessed and valued accurately; a small percentage difference in either direction could represent hundreds of thousands of pounds. CCi have the systems and the experts to avoid, manage and resolve power generation disputes.

Power Generation: Delay, Quantum And Technical Experts

Our specialist consultants, advisors and experts are strategically based around the globe, acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technology projects. We focus on providing three core skill sets — planning, quantum and technical — which are intrinsically linked. These disciplines allow us to offer an integrated approach as well as individual expertise across this sector.

Power Gen Projects

CCi have worked on Power Gen projects worldwide, here are some examples:

Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Plant (CHiP)

Location: UK

The Contractor entered into a D&B FIDIC form of contract and suffered over a year’s delay with the design, build and commissioning of the CHiP plant. CCi carried out an in-depth analysis tracing the design delays in respect of the employers operating philosophy of the plant, which linked to the delays suffered in construction and later the commissioning issues. CCi identified significant culpability and concurrency issues and, following advice, the two parties eventually settled.

Power Station

Location: USA

A significant fire damaged large sections of a partially constructed Power Plant. The Insured ultimately completed the project 18 months late and submitted a DSU claim for 18 months. CCi analysed the project schedules and identified non-loss related delay occurring after the date of loss. CCi established that due to the non-loss related delay, but for the event, the project would have completed 12 months late. As such, the loss had only caused an additional 6 months of delay to the Commercial Operation Date.

1600MW Coal Fired Power Station

Location: USA

Following catastrophic failure of the ID fan, CCi was appointed to analyse the project’s rebuild schedule and to conduct a ‘health check’ assessing the schedule’s suitability with regards to supporting the overall project management process and assisting with the claim. CCi also established the project’s pre-incident position, identifying delays to the scheduled date for the start of commercial operations and verified resultant delays from damage to achieve a successful settlement of the claim.