Quantum and Delay Expert Witness Services

Quantum Expert services

Resolving quantum disputes requires a unique set of skills and expertise. CCi’s quantum experts specialise in evaluating and quantifying the financial loss or damage associated with a specific matter. Matters can vary from a breach of contract to valuation issues, or financial loss claims. In addition to evaluating a loss on a specific matter or event, CCi often engages on expert advisory commissions, advising clients on the most appropriate commercial strategy to navigate a complicated or contentious issues and assisting the client in achieving its targets.

Our quantum specialists are well-versed on all aspects of dispute resolution, whether through arbitration, adjudication, mediation, or complex negotiation. Several members of our quantum team are multilingual, contributing to CCi’s success in assisting clients from jurisdictions across the world on all quantum aspects. 

Our quantum experts are commonly appointed to defend claims or to provide cost support to a subrogation / recovery process. Our multidisciplinary teams are trusted internationally, which often leads to early settlement in negotiations or mediation, avoiding protracted and expensive legal proceedings.

Delay Expert services

Delays in the complex construction landscape can lead to significant financial implications and strained relationships. Our delay experts deeply understand schedules, project management, and contractual obligations. CCi experts meticulously analyse timelines, identify causation factors, and provide expert opinions that stand up to scrutiny in legal proceedings. Trust CCi to bring clarity and resolution to delay-related disputes. Our expertise cover:

  • Extension of time assessment
  • Delay and disruption analysis
  • Project planning
  • 4D modelling and visualisation

Our delay experts are commonly appointed to defend claims or to provide time support to a subrogation / recovery process. 

4D modelling and visualisation

CCi experts often rely on 4D models produced by our in-house team as evidence to support claims or defences in construction disputes. By visually demonstrating the planned versus actual construction progress, experts can present a compelling case to the tribunal regarding the impact of delays or changes to a project timeline, providing a powerful tool for presenting complex information.

Why choose our Quantum and Delay Expert services?

Unrivalled expertise

Our Expert Services are powered by a team of seasoned professionals with vast experience in their respective fields. With decades of industry insight, our experts navigate challenges, ensuring the highest level of expertise for your case. .

Meticulous analysis

In legal disputes, the strength of your case relies on precise analysis. Our experts conduct thorough examinations and through research and advanced data analysis, ensure comprehensive understanding of the facts, providing a strategic advantage in navigating legal complexities.

Credibility in court

Our experts excel not only in technical matters but are also articulate communicators. Presenting complex information clearly, we turn important details into compelling narratives, enhancing the persuasiveness of your legal team’s arguments.

Customised solutions

Recognising the uniqueness of each dispute, we deliver bespoke Expert Services. Through close collaboration with our clients, we analyse the specific requirements of each case and craft customised strategies, putting forward the most suitable experts, with the most relevant experience. Trust us to provide a tailored solution for you.

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