Technical Expert Witness Services

Technical experts to offer clear and definitive guidance in construction disputes

CCi technical experts advise on most technical fields in the construction and engineering industries. We can draw on a global team of more than 1,000 subject matter experts covering design, construction, technical issues, and project management across all sectors. Our seasoned professionals use the experience and knowledge gained from their global consultancy and industry assignments to provide a high standard of care to our clients.

Our technical experts play a crucial role in legal proceedings, particularly in cases that involve highly complex, technical matters. They provide expert testimony in litigation proceedings, local and international arbitrations, adjudication proceedings, mediations, and informal negotiations with an analytical, impartial, evidence-based approach. They work collaboratively with legal teams to help all parties understand the technical intricacies of the case.

Our experts are commonly appointed to defend claims or to provide technical support to a subrogation / recovery process. Our multidisciplinary teams are trusted internationally, which often leads to early settlement in negotiations or mediation, avoiding protracted and expensive legal proceedings.

We service the construction, disputes, and insurance sectors globally with commissions including, but not limited to, root cause analysis, major technical failures, design responsibility, professional indemnity, and health and safety related matters. Our comprehensive range of technical expert witness services include, but are not limited to, the below:


Our team of forensic architects assist parties in understanding complex architectural and construction issues on all types of buildings. They advise on areas such as issues with design, construction methods and materials, compliance with building codes and standards, and project management. Our team of architects are often called upon to assess the extent of defects or damage to a building and provide opinion on the causes of the damage, potential liabilities, and recommended approaches to remediation.

Building defects

Our experts provide specialised advice and expertise in matters related to construction and building-related problems. Their role is to assess, analyse, and offer professional opinions on issues or defects observed in buildings. They assess issues such as the structural integrity of a building, including compliance with construction standards, water ingress and moisture problems, maintenance and ageing concerns, and materials and workmanship.

Civil and structural engineering

Our experts assist the court, and parties to legal proceedings, to understand complex engineering and structural issues in the built environment. Our team has extensive experience working on major structures, buildings, water and wastewater, highways, energy, waste to energy, and other infrastructure. They evaluate design, construction, and materials used to assess issues with foundation settlement, structural cracks, improper construction practices, and other causes of structural failure.

Construction failure

In the unfortunate event where parties experience construction failure, our experts will assist the legal parties involved in understanding the technical aspects of the failure. They will conduct site inspections where necessary and examine the evidence available to determine the cause of such failure and determine liability to aid the parties in reaching fair and informed resolution. We also opine on major health and safety claims resulting from construction failures.

Geotechnical and tunnelling

Our experts evaluate issues related to soil mechanics, foundation design, and geotechnical aspects of construction projects. They advise clients on matters related to the behaviour and properties of soil and rock beneath the earth’s surface. Our recent experience includes major tunnelling contracts, directional drilling, and foundation failures. Their assessments are crucial in various engineering and construction projects where the stability and performance of structures have been influenced by subsurface conditions.

Marine engineering

We provide specialised opinions and testimony in legal proceedings related to matters within the field of marine engineering. Our experts opine on a broad range of topics related to the design, construction, operation of major ports including quays, fendering, cranage, and pavement issues, and the maintenance of marine structures and vessels. Specialisms include vessel design and construction, naval architecture, marine propulsion systems and structural integrity, failure analysis, maritime regulations and compliance, offshore engineering, and dredging and port engineering.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP)

Our team of MEP expert witnesses play a crucial role in helping the court and legal parties understand the technical aspects of building systems, identifying issues that may have led to disputes or failures, and providing opinions on compliance with industry standards and legal requirements. They opine on matters such as HVAC, electrical, lifts/escalators and plumbing systems, the energy efficiency of a building, fire protection and life safety systems, and building automation systems. They also assess whether proper installation, commissioning, and testing procedures were followed and that systems were adequately tested according to industry and legal standards.

Potentially explosive atmospheres

Our team are uniquely experienced in working in industries with potentially explosive atmospheres of gases/vapours and dusts and are experienced in specifying, installing, commissioning, using, and maintaining both electrical and non-electrical equipment (all protection concepts) in these types of atmospheres.

Health, safety and environment

Our experts in health and safety provide opinions on whether an organisation or individual has fulfilled their duties to maintain a safe workplace and comply with applicable health and safety regulations. Their opinions can be essential in cases involving workplace injuries, accidents, or allegations of non-compliance with safety standards. 

Project management

We offer insights into whether project management practices adhered to industry standards, contractual obligations, and best practices. Our specialist expertise encompasses the planning, execution, monitoring, and control of projects, including evaluating risk, change and schedule management, contractual compliance, communication practices, and project close out.

Why choose CCi?

Our technical expert witness services are conducted by experienced engineers and architects who are committed to the highest standard of client service. Our global experience in the construction industry, combined with a focus on analytical and evidence-based approaches, sets us apart in the field of technical services in construction. Examples of where we’ve provided technical services include the 210MW Solar Plant in Chile and the Potash Mine in the USA. 

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