Delivery / Construction Phase

Alleviate complexities of delivery and construction

CCi’s expertise encompasses a diverse range of essential elements that are crucial for the successful realisation of your projects.

We’re with you every step of the way to ensure your projects go smoothly. We’ll provide support during the planning phase all the way through to completion. Our specialised team is experienced with supply chain procurement and all the intricacies that construction projects involve. 

Our comprehensive approach to the delivery and construction phase alleviates complexities, enhances efficiency, and drives your projects to successful outcomes.

Benefits of our delivery / construction phase services:

End-to-end support

We navigate the complexities of supply chain procurement providing support throughout the project life cycle from advice and preparation to evaluation, recommendation, and award. Our approach extends to budget setting, work breakdown structure development, and cash-flow forecasting.

Commercial risk and opportunity management

Our commercial risk and opportunity management includes design and establishment of contractual and commercial administrative systems, quantitative risk analysis and change control mechanisms tailored to both corporate and project-specific needs.

Support drafting correspondence

We support in drafting contractual and commercial correspondence from the head contract to supply chain levels. With our expertise, you can rest assured that every detail is accurate and reliable.

Specialised training and development

We offer specialised commercial training and development, available for site-based employees or at corporate level, ensuring that your teams have the knowledge they require to run successful projects.

Representation at meetings

We act on behalf of the client at contract and commercial progress meetings, taking the lead with comprehensive subcontractor and supplier management.

Securing your interests

Our services encompass identification, valuation preparation, submission, and negotiation, securing your interests at every step. 

Optimised performance

With our guidance, you will receive functional advice tailored to the development of a robust commercial and contract team structure, clearly defined responsibilities, and a competency framework that ensures optimal performance.

Support with insurance claims

In the unfortunate you’re faced with an insurance claims, our experts will prepare, negotiate, and settle claims, minimising disruptions to your project.

Smooth completion of projects

As your project nears its completion, our final account management ensures that everything is completed and boxed off so nothing is missed.

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Our team of experts offer end-to-end support during the delivery and construction phase of projects. Contact our team to find out how we can help you deliver successful construction projects.