Project Controls

Integrated Project Controls

A leading provider of integrated project controls, delivering comprehensive solutions that encompass time, cost, scope, and risk management throughout the entire project life cycle.

Our dedicated teams specialise in developing customised procedures, providing first-class training, and harnessing advanced technology solutions to seamlessly integrate project control processes. 

At CCi, we pride ourselves on offering tailored scheduling and planning services that cater to the unique requirements of each project. Whether you need help with scheduling, estimating, risk management, forecasting or anything else project controls related, can can provide the resources you require. 

Our Project Control services

Scheduling and planning

Our highly skilled teams offer preparation and review of tender and baseline schedules, precise resource and cost loading, careful construction methodology planning, and proactive risk mitigation strategies.

Risk management

Risk management is a critical component in successful delivery of complex engineering and construction projects and programs of work. Risks that are not properly identified and managed are likely to lead to delay, cost overruns, conflicts, and disputes.

CCi employs sophisticated schedule and cost risk analysis techniques to identify and manage risks at both project and corporate levels.

Our team’s vast experience working on construction projects around the world, combined with sound commercial and contractual knowledge, enables them to identify and manage risks at an early stage.

Cost control

One of our core strengths lies in effective cost control, achieved through the seamless integration of budgets and schedules. We excel in cost value reconciliation and provide accurate time-phased cost forecasting.

Earned value management

Our teams are highly proficient in earned value management, implementing robust systems and techniques that ensure precise performance reporting and forecasting.

Change control

CCi’s change control services are designed to optimise project processes by focusing on developing streamlined procedures, integrating approved modifications, and maintaining comprehensive change control registers to facilitate efficient project management.

Project Management Information System

Our integrated project controls approach includes a state-of-the-art project management information system (PMIS), complete with dashboard reports, key performance indicators, document control systems, workflow protocols, and access control. The benefits of the PMIS allow us to provide our clients with real-time insights, enhancing project visibility.

CCi has an extensive portfolio of successful projects that serves as a testament to our expertise and capability. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, consistently meeting project objectives, and exceeding client expectations.

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Example Projects

Cairns, Australia

Bruce Highway – Cairns Southern Access Corridor – Stage 3

CCi was engaged by the consortium contractor to review the collaborative project agreement (Contract), recommend a mechanism for time extension under the Contract, and assess the Contractor’s submitted extension of time and associated costs claim.


Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Plant (CHiP)

The Contractor entered into a D&B FIDIC form of contract and suffered over a year’s delay with the design, build and commissioning of the CHiP plant.

Our Project Control services

How do project controls drive cost savings in construction projects?

Project controls contribute to cost savings in construction projects by providing a systematic approach to budgeting, monitoring, and controlling expenses. Integrating project schedule and budget helps in establishing a time phased cost baseline enabling periodic actuals monitoring against corresponding period’s budget through earned value management systems. Through detailed cost estimation, continuous tracking of project expenditures, and proactive identification and mitigation of cost overruns, project controls help prevent any budgetary deviations from occurring.

What is the difference between project controls and project management in construction?

While project management encompasses the overall planning, organisation, and oversight of construction projects, project controls serve as a specific subset within the field of project management. Project controls focuses on monitoring and managing critical variables such as cost, schedule, and scope to ensure the project stays on track and aligns with its objectives.