Damage Assessment

Detailed damage assessments

Our technical experts can perform detailed assessments to establish the extent of damage using heat mapping, metallurgical analysis, and other non-destructive testing techniques.

We understand that the construction industry can be fraught with unforeseen challenges. Damage to structures, whether due to natural disasters, accidents, or wear and tear, can lead to significant setbacks and financial losses. That’s why we offer specialised Damage Assessment services to ensure that your construction projects stay on track, even in the face of unexpected issues. 

Our damage assessment services are designed to identify and measure the impact of physical damage to determine precisely what needs to be repaired and/or replaced. Experts will visit sites, review project documentation, and liaise with the project team to establish material and resource costs, a procurement strategy, and how to achieve physical reinstatement.

What is Damage Assessment in construction?

Damage assessment refers to the process of evaluating and documenting the extent of harm or deterioration to a building or structure. Damage assessment is typically conducted after events like natural catastrophes, accidents, or structural issues. It involves thoroughly inspecting the damage, determining its severity, and establishing the scope of repairs or reconstruction. The results of a damage assessment are crucial for insurance claims, safety considerations, and planning the necessary remediation or restoration work. Together with our Scope Evaluation service, our Damage Assessment reports assist in determining the potential exposure to reinstatement costs and business interruption following loss events.

Our expertise

Comprehensive inspection and assessment

Our team of experienced consultants is well-equipped to assess damage in various construction environments. From commercial buildings to industrial facilities, residential structures, and infrastructure projects, we provide a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Timely and accurate reporting

Together with CCi’s Scope Evaluation service, our Damage Assessment reports facilitate loss adjusters, insurers and policyholders in understanding the scope and likely reinstatement costs of a loss event. By applying policy terms to a ground up estimate that considers sub-limits and exclusions, we provide a stable scenario for reserving purposes, whether that is initial placeholders for IBNR or case reserves in a 45-, 90-, or 180-day window. Our Damage Assessment reports enable a loss to be assessed transparently and for policyholders to receive an enhanced claims experience.

Innovative technology

CCi uses state-of-the-art technology, including drones and specialised inspection equipment, to gather high-resolution images and data. This allows us to perform thorough damage assessments and ensures the safety of our personnel while examining hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

Safety and compliance

Safety is our top priority. Our team follows industry best practices and complies with all safety regulations. We are dedicated to minimising risks during damage assessments and ensuring the well-being of all personnel involved.

Damage assessment services

Structural damage assessment

Our experts thoroughly examine buildings, bridges, and other structures to determine the extent of damage, the causes, and potential risks. This assessment is crucial for making informed decisions about repair or replacement.

Natural disaster damage assessment

When natural disasters strike, our team is ready to assess the impact and damage to your construction project. Whether it’s an earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire, or any other natural event, we’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation.

Forensic engineering

In cases of accidents or unexpected geological, electrical, mechanical, or structural failures, our forensic engineering services can be called upon. We investigate the root causes and provide expert analysis for insurance claims or litigation support.

Safety assessment

Safety is paramount in construction. We evaluate the safety conditions of your construction sites, identify potential hazards, and suggest measures to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Environmental damage assessment

We also assess damage caused by environmental factors, such as water intrusion, corrosion, and chemical exposure, to recommend the best methods for remediation and prevention.

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