Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

CCi experts have worked on onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities for decades.

CCi has experience in refineries and other mid-stream facilities as well as production and energy generating facilities on shore utilising downstream technologies.

Sector Background

The downstream oil and gas (O&G) sector operates in a similar fashion to power generation and other heavy  industrial processes. All these industries require sector-specific expert witnesses who can demonstrate working complex project experience. Our experts understand downstream production, we know the sector and we understand its needs.

How CCi Can Help

Delays in downstream projects can be financially damaging. Most developments will play a part in producing, storing or transporting products for market. Any delay to completion of a plant may mean lost or deferred revenues. We have experienced delay and quantum experts to hand who can react quickly with no learning curve.

Our Expertise In Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

CCi experts have worked on refineries, chemical plants, plastics plants, waste-energy plants and more. Our experts are familiar with the needs of both on-plot and off-plot requirements. We can also assist in devising methodologies for recovering deferred revenues.

Scope of Work

As well as expert witness services, CCi is ready to advise on the technical and project control clauses that assist lawyers in drafting O&G contracts that manage and diminish project risk.

CCi Experts Have Experience of Downstream O&G Cases

CCi has O&G experts who have testified in the courts and in international arbitrations across the globe. CCi experts have experienced cross-examination and joint-expert testimony on cases involving major global producers.

Sector Specific Understanding Of Issues and Solutions

Downstream delays and changes need to be assessed and valued accurately, so an existing knowledge of the sector is both necessary and economical for the client. CCi has the systems and the experts you need for downstream conflicts.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical: Delay, Quantum And Technical Experts

Our specialist consultants, advisors and experts are strategically based around the globe, acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technology projects. We focus on providing three core skill sets — planning, quantum and technical — which are intrinsically linked. These disciplines allow us to offer an integrated approach as well as individual expertise across this sector.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects

CCi have worked on Oil, Gas & Petrochemical projects worldwide, here are some examples:

Oil & Gas

Location: Canada

At the procurement stage of an Oil Sands Project, worked with the Owner’s Supply Chain and Legal departments over two years to prepare requests for proposal and draft, negotiate and resolve construction contracts.

LNG Plant

Location: USA

A named windstorm caused widespread damage to the construction of an LNG plant. Significant damage was caused to pipe that had been prefabricated and was waiting to be installed at the facility. CCi carried out an analysis of the delays incurred to the project prior to the storm and identified pre-storm delay that had not been accounted for in the forecast Commercial Operation Date (COD). In addition, CCi identified delays to the fabrication and installation of structural steel that meant the delay caused to the COD by having to replace pipe was much less than originally claimed by the Insured.

Oil Refinery

Location: USA

A catastrophic failure of a heat exchanger resulted in extensive damage. CCi prepared a detailed delay analysis to establish whether non-incident related works prolonged the overall period of disruption. Consequently, the dispute was referred to arbitration, with CCi’s findings that incident related repairs were paced to match non-incident related maintenance works contributing to the eventual claim settlement prior to the hearing.