Delay and Timeline Analysis

Our forensic timeline analyses are internationally recognised for prompt and efficient delivery of clarity to Delay in Start-Up (DSU) and Business Interruption (BI) claims of the highest value and complexity.

That’s why, at CCi, we recognise that insurance claims must proceed harmoniously with projects or policyholders’ construction management procedures.

Delay in Start-Up (DSU)

The CCi team has advised on more than 500 DSU claims on projects all over the world.

CCi experts can clarify DSU matters by examining a project’s critical path and determining when commercial operations would have commenced had no insured events occurred.

Many clients use our services in advance of a submitted DSU claim to establish accurate decision-making for loss mitigation, formulate potential exposure considerations, and create the foundations for a successful resolution.

Our expert delay analysts regularly advise on:

  • Pre-incident project status
  • Consideration of mitigation measures and Increased Cost of Working (ICOW) claims
  • Verification of critical path and near critical work packages
  • Impact of float and concurrent delays
  • Policy endorsements
  • Relationship between CAR/EAR and marine cargo policy forms
  • Potential implications of defect exclusions and LEG clauses

Business Interruption

For more than 20 years, CCi has delivered time management services on many of the world’s largest insurance losses across numerous industries.

Our time, cost, and technical experts have comprehensive knowledge spanning all types of industries and provide the support and insight to expedite any reinstatement project and reduce the risk of extended interruption or business downtime.

Scheduling specialists objectively identify the reinstatement/repair scope, planned turnaround/maintenance works, and any opportunistic upgrade or betterment works. We confirm to policyholders the most cost-effective ways to minimise loss and ensure transparency for all parties.

In our experience, time management services work best when integrated with cost and technical expertise to fully leverage mitigation strategies.

This approach can take advantage of the links between these disciplines, resulting in accurate and agile decision making on technical engineering solutions, cost breakdowns, and time management.

Example Projects

Latin America


Two FPSO’s were constructed at yards in Central America and fitted out in ports in Latin America.


Bridge Project

Construction of a bridge spanning the Ohio River was delayed as a result of flooding from a high river event.