Commercial and Contract Advisory

Commercial and Contract Advisory

Establishing thorough and strong procedures for commercial and contractual program management is vital for the success of any project in construction and engineering.

CCi provides technical expertise during the pre-contract (bid and negotiation) and post-contract (construction and delivery) phases of projects to provide you with full support in these critical areas:

Our Contract and Commercial Advisory services

Our commercial advisory service provides you with comprehensive support through the bidding / tender process ensuring you have the highest possible chance of success. This service includes:

  • Preparation and drafting of essential tender documents.
  • Analysis and development of delivery models and procurement strategies.
  • Invaluable procurement advice, from the initial stages of preparation, evaluation, and recommendation, through to the final award. 
  • Review and preparation of head contract terms and conditions, crafting agreements that protect your commercial and contractual interests.
  • Lead contract negotiations during the tender process which is pivotal to securing favourable terms and conditions that align with project objectives and stakeholder expectations.
  • Creation of reliable mitigation measures and contractual qualifications to ensure your ventures are viable. 
  • Enhancing your supply chain qualifications and responses, improving the strength of your bid.

Our comprehensive approach to the delivery and construction phase ensures your projects run smoothly. We will help you develop a bespoke commercial and contract team structure to maximise performance. 

  • We manage the complexities of head contract or supply chain procurement providing full support throughout from advice and preparation to evaluation, recommendation, and award.
  • Support with budget setting, work breakdown structure development, and cash-flow forecasting.
  • Designing and creating contractual and commercial admin systems, including change control mechanisms tailored to both corporate and project-specific needs.
  • Drafting of contractual and commercial correspondence for both head contract and supply chain levels.
  • Guiding the commercial and project management teams on a contract to ensure optimal financial performance and compliance with contractual obligations.
  • Implementing cost control procedures on a project or organisation wide, which is crucial for maintaining financial discipline, minimising overruns, and ensuring the economic viability of the project.
  • We provide specialised commercial training and development to ensure your teams have the knowledge and skills to run successful projects. 
  • We represent our clients at contract and commercial progress meetings and take the lead of comprehensive subcontractor and supplier management.

In order to hit critical milestones and set deadlines, scheduling and planning is vital. Our team are experts at this and will ensure everything is considered beforehand and closely monitored so that your projects stay on track. This includes:

  • Risk identification, constructability analysis, and strategic mitigation planning to protect your projects from delays and setbacks. 
  • Through tender scheduling, design, procurement, or construction, our team crafts tailored schedules that align with your objectives.
  • Scheduling of project closeout, systems commissioning, and draft schedule narratives to clearly understand your project’s timeline.
  • Scheduled health check assessments, local network development, work breakdown structure creation, and process mapping. 
  • Team management and training to ensure your team can navigate the intricacies of scheduling with ease.
  • Carrying out regular peer reviews and progress monitoring looking at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure your project stays on track. 

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CCi’s Commercial and Contract Advisory services enhance your prospects of securing contracts and ensuring their timely fulfilment.

Contact us to discuss how our consultants can support you through pre-contract and post-contract phases of your construction project.