Offshore Exploration & Production

CCi experts have worked on many offshore oil and gas facilities.

CCI has experience in the construction of FPSO and FLNG vessels, Semi Subs, drilling ships and marine support vessels.

Sector Background

The offshore exploration and production sector operates differently to construction, and can require specialist expert witnesses. 

How CCi Can Help

Delays in offshore projects can be financially damaging. Most vessels play a part in producing, storing or transporting valuable products for market. Any delay to a project can cause lost or deferred revenues of millions of dollars a day. CCi’s experienced delay and quantum experts can respond quickly and efficiently to offshore exploration matters. 

Our Expertise In Offshore Exploration & Production

CCi experts have testified on semi submersibles, marine vessels, FLNG’s and FPSO’s in courts and in international arbitrations around the globe. CCI are O&G specialists.

Scope of Work

CCi advise on the technical and project control clauses that assist lawyers in drafting oil & gas contracts that properly manage change and diminish project risk. CCi experts oversee project controls during the work, reducing the risk of conflict.

CCi Experts Have Experience in Upstream Oil & Gas Cases

Globally CCi employ experts who have testified in the courts and in international arbitrations across the globe. CCi Experts have experienced cross examination and joint expert testimony on cases involving national (NOC’s) & International Oil Companies (IOC’s).

Sector Specific Understanding Of Issues and Solutions

Offshore projects can be very costly, CCi having worked on disputes valued in excess of 1 billion dollars. Delays and changes must be assessed and valued accurately; a small percentage difference in either direction could represent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Offshore Exploration & Production: Delay, Quantum And Technical Experts

Our specialist consultants, advisors and experts are strategically based around the globe, acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technology projects. We focus on providing three core skill sets — planning, quantum and technical — which are intrinsically linked. These disciplines allow us to offer an integrated approach as well as individual expertise across this sector.

Offshore Exploration & Production Projects

CCi have worked on Offshore Exploration & Production projects worldwide, here are some examples:


Location: North Sea

A Semi-Submersible brown field project, consisting of the conversion of a large exploration vessel to a production vessel overran in time and in money. As expected in the conversion of a 25 year old structure that has spent its life at sea, many variations and changes were required that had not been foreseen after the initial survey. Weather, changes and general delays led to a significant dispute. Appointed as experts in quantum the role was to present an independent report to the Tribunal. Once the expert report was produced the claimant conceded sufficient elements of their claim that a settlement for a third of the initial claim was agreed.

Subsea Production Umbilicals

Location: Europe

Two damage events, both concerning cracking to the outer sheaths of the Umbilicals led to critical delay of the ‘load out’ milestone. CCi was appointed to assess the extent to which damage had delayed the project and to quantify associated liquidated damages. Utilising a time slice analysis, CCi’s analysis enabled a successful resolution of the claim.


Location: UK

CCi conducted a thorough timeline analysis of events surrounding catastrophic storm damage, during which four of the FPSO’s anchor chains snapped and the vessel drifted 180m off station. Through review of the project’s data and contemporaneous records, CCi’s assessment into the extent to which the hull-related maintenance works extended the overall interruption period contributed to the successful negotiated claim settlement.