Bid / Tender Phase

CCi’s advisory service guides you through the commercial and contractual intricacies of the bid / tender phase, ensuring a seamless process that maximises your chances of success.

We offer comprehensive support, beginning with preparation and drafting of essential documents such as memorandum of understandings, teaming agreements, joint venture agreements, tender services deeds, and similar instruments. Our expertise extends to the analysis and selection of delivery models and procurement strategies, aiding you in making informed decisions.

Our experts provide invaluable procurement advice, from the initial stages of preparation, evaluation, and recommendation, through to the final award. With an acute eye for detail, we review and prepare head contract terms and conditions, crafting agreements that safeguard your commercial and contractual interests. Furthermore, our team constructs contract conditions and commercial risk profiles, while also devising robust mitigation measures and contractual qualifications to ensure the viability of your ventures.

We specialise in enhancing your supply chain qualifications and responses, thereby enhancing your overall bid strength. Our adept consultants take the lead in preparing comprehensive tender documentation, incorporating risk and opportunity management schedules. As a cornerstone of our service, we facilitate cash-flow forecasting and analysis, empowering you to navigate financial aspects with clarity and confidence. At every step of the bid / tender phase, our advisory service stands as your trusted partner, ensuring a competitive edge and the best possible outcome.