Insurance Services

Specialist consultancy for time, cost, and technical services

For decades, our professionals have provided expert analysis on some of the largest and most complex construction, engineering, energy, power, and property claims around the world.

As part of our global insurance services, we provide time, cost, and technical skills through a single, integrated team to deliver relevant, efficient, and dependable services for our valued clients. 

Investigating engineering issues and quantifying their time and cost impacts require deep industry knowledge and a clear understanding of complex causes and effects. That’s where we come in. 

Our insurance services oversee a rapid and strategic response to comprehensively analyse the circumstances of any event or claim, providing advice to facilitate understanding on policy response, damage, and the associated impact in terms of reinstatement time and cost.

Our Insurance services

At CCi, we offer a range of insurance services covering many lines of business including, construction, engineering, upstream and downstream energy, power, renewables, property and marine, including cargo. The insurance services provided by our expert consultants include: 

A market and thought leader for 25 years, CCi provides expert Delay and Timeline Analysis insurance services to help assess interruption periods on operational assets as well as delays to projects under construction. CCi’s expertise extends to advising on economic mitigation strategies as well as defining and delineating indemnifiable delay periods.

Our qualified and experienced engineers conduct damage assessments to quickly and accurately determine the extent of damage, ensuring an expedited and transparent response to loss exposure, reserve setting, and fair and timely insurance claims processing.

When unexpected setbacks occur, CCi’s Failure Analysis service helps companies investigate and understand the root cause of loss events, enabling informed decisions.

An industry leading monitoring and progress review service. We accurately and cost-effectively monitor and benchmark progress on fast-moving projects where policy specific milestones are benchmarked in real time.

Our Reinstatement Cost Verification services give you a highly accurate price-estimate to rebuild your property if it has been destroyed or significantly damaged. 

Our expert consultants are professionally trained to partner with our clients across all phases of the engagement to provide expert, specific, and evidence-based advice to mitigate risk.

CCi’s Scope Evaluation service offers considerable benefit to insurers, loss adjusters, and policyholders in response to large and complex claims.


How does CCi's expertise in claims analysis benefit clients in the energy and power sectors when it comes to insurance claims?

CCi’s extensive experience in claims analysis is a valuable asset for clients in the energy and power sectors. Our insurance services team can assist in assessing and processing insurance claims efficiently, helping insurers and policyholders define reinstatement costs and interruption periods, as well as assisting with the development of mitigation strategies to allow clients to resume operations as quickly as possible. CCi’s energy and power experts have a wealth of industry experience and have successfully advised our clients on some of the world’s largest and most complex losses.

ANZIFF Corporate Supporter

CCi is proud to be part of the ANZIIF Corporate Supporter Program. Administered by ANZIIF on behalf of the insurance industry, the program’s three core objectives are to promote the insurance industry, support those working in insurance, and raise awareness of the role that insurance plays in the world.