Project Monitoring

CCi’s highly skilled teams assess the progress of clients’ projects to ensure all involved parties understand its status. Monitoring can be undertaken on-site or remotely, identifying performance issues that could affect costs or cause delay.

We can accurately and cost-effectively monitor and benchmark progress on fast-moving projects where cost and scope are determined in real time. We help clients navigate complex situations where activities that lead to loss happen concurrently with those that do not.

Robust and detailed monthly progress reports are provided on pre-loss DSU construction projects or portfolios and on damages and repairs. These are easy to implement, requiring no specialist information, and can be combined with the monitoring requirements of lenders and funders.

As part of our monitoring service, CCi can provide bespoke Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA). We generate project performance models based on the latest available project data, with the model continually updating as the performance of the project varies over its lifecycle. This performance model accurately describes the changing dynamics experienced in the multivariate situations present throughout project construction. These models are then used to create a probabilistic outcome of expected activity/project completion, via a Monte Carlo method. This process generates a continuous distribution of outcomes each with a specified probability of occurrence, giving a statistical indicator of project performance such as target project completion date.

Example Projects


Underground Potash Mine

During commissioning of the mine, an underground inrush flooded the mine causing damage.