CCi Asia Pacific

CCi Asia Pacific offers unrivalled expertise and unparalleled service to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. CCi is a global construction consultancy of delay, quantum, and technical experts. We work with insurers, owners, contracting organisations, and funders, monitoring their projects, analyzing entitlements and liabilities, managing claims, resolving disputes, and assisting the decision makers as expert witnesses in formal proceedings

Clarity and Resolution

Our experts bring clarity and resolution to some of the world’s largest and most complex construction, engineering and insurance claims.

With a dedicated team of dispute expert witnesses, operating across the Asia Pacific region, we provide support to our clients by offering local knowledge and experience.  Our global team of specialists adds further expertise to ensure that our advice is delivered as a high quality, consolidated package.

Meet our Asia Pacific Team

CCi Asia Pacific has offices in Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Singapore and Sydney. Our experts and advisors offer extensive knowledge and experience in construction, engineering and insurance. Together, they provide dispute avoidance, mitigation and resolution, claims and advisory services that focus on time, cost and technical engineering. This integrated service is tailored to each client’s requirements, bringing resolution to any given matter in a timely and cost efficient manner.

They way in which our multi-disciplined team of experts works seamlessly together for construction, engineering and insurance clients makes us unique.

Case Studies

CCi Asia Pacific have worked on over 800 projects worldwide, here are some examples

Crude Oil Refinery

Location: India

Unprecedented rainfall caused significant damage to stored equipment at the world’s largest refining hub, with crude processing capacity of 1.24 million barrels per day. CCi was appointed to evaluate delays that occurred to the start-up of the J3 units affected by the flood. CCi identified the impact of manufacturing lead times of replacement equipment on the unit critical paths to notify insurers of their potential exposure.

Underground Potash Mine

Location: Thailand

During commissioning of the mine, an underground inrush flooded the mine causing damage. CCi undertook the monitoring and support of the recovery plan created by the insured to re-establish the underground operations and provided advice to the insurers on the ‘but for’ position.

Airport Link Motorway

Location: Australia

It was claimed that seven separate events had caused critical delay to the project’s completion date. CCi was appointed as the critical path expert to benchmark the project’s pre-incident status and levels of available float, and to advise as to the expected impact of the events. CCi’s critical path analysis ultimately demonstrated that due to the management of activity relationships, criticality was artificially imposed upon certain areas. Following a recalibration of activity relationships, it was agreed that the events had had no impact.