40Ha Container Terminal

Storm damage during the dredging and reclamation phase of the project resulted in the implementation of a suite of mitigation measures.
A primary critical path investigation was conducted to evaluate the ‘unmitigated’ impact of the damage to assist with the assessment of mitigation measures. Further detailed analysis of the contemporaneous project records was carried out to determine the eventual dominant cause of delay, identification of concurrent delay events, unrelated to the Damage event, and the date upon which the project would have commenced commercial operation had the storm damage not occurred. This analysis allowed for the successful negotiated settlement of the claim.


Ground Engineering and Geotechnical Pre-construction Services Project (HS2)

CCi was appointed to provide claims management support on the largest geotechnical ground investigation programme in Europe, delivered from commencement to final account.


Bridge Project

Construction of a bridge spanning the Ohio River was delayed as a result of flooding from a high river event.


Tunnel Project

CCi was appointed by the tunnelling subcontractor as quantum expert and worked alongside the geotechnical expert to give an opinion on the losses incurred as a result of unforeseeable ground conditions.

Cairns, Australia

Bruce Highway – Cairns Southern Access Corridor – Stage 3

CCi was engaged by the consortium contractor to review the collaborative project agreement (Contract), recommend a mechanism for time extension under the Contract, and assess the Contractor’s submitted extension of time and associated costs claim.