Expert Advisory

Expert Advisory services

Our expert advisory services involve the recommended actions and best practices necessary to maximise the chances of success in claims or defence submissions and dispute resolution matters. The diverse professional backgrounds of our experts allow us to bridge the gap between technical and legal issues and facilitate a quick understanding of complex disputes.

A key part of these services includes performing health checks to analyse and report the strengths and weaknesses of existing claim submissions and dispute situations, and providing recommendations on the appropriate strategy and course of action to implement based on these findings.

Our experts focus on resolving disputes in an amicable manner and helping clients understand the true potential of their position, which can often lead to an early settlement and a reduction in costs.

Benefits of our Expert Advisory services

Our Expert Advisory Services can offer tailored solutions to construction disputes in the following ways:

Claims analysis and evaluation

Our experts assess the validity and strength of construction claims by thoroughly analysing project documentation, contracts, and relevant data. They can help identify the root causes of disputes and evaluate the impact of various factors on the project timeline, costs, and performance.

Forensic schedule analysis

Our experts conduct forensic schedule analysis to identify delays, disruptions, and critical path issues in construction projects. They can provide insights into the cause-and-effect relationships between events and delays, helping to establish a clear understanding of project timelines.

Quantum (cost) analysis

CCi experts perform detailed cost analyses to determine the financial implications of construction disputes. They may evaluate variations, change orders, extra work claims, and other cost-related issues to quantify the damages or additional costs incurred.

Contract review and compliance

We review construction contracts to ensure that parties are complying with their contractual obligations, identify areas of potential dispute, and recommend strategies to mitigate risks and improve contract administration.

Technical expertise

Our experts can provide technical insights into construction methods, design issues, material specifications, and other technical aspects of a project. Their expertise can help clarify technical complexities that may be at the core of a construction dispute.

Why choose CCi?

Tailored expert advisory services

No two construction projects are alike, and we recognise the importance of customised solutions. Our Expert Advisory Services are designed to address the unique challenges of construction disputes and contribute to the effective resolution of conflicts in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Client-centric approach

Our clients are the most fundamental part of our business. Our consultants take time to understand your unique needs, challenges, and objectives. Whether you’re a developer, contractor, or stakeholder in the construction industry, our Expert Advisory Services are tailored to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a collaborative and successful partnership.

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