Globally, CCi experts are currently appointed on every type of construction, infrastructure, and other mining-related industrial dispute imaginable.

Mining operations carry high risk. Successful, high value technical operations require the time and cost controls that CCi have offered for many years.

Sector Background

Whether surface or underground operations, the extraction of valuable minerals or other materials from the earth, often give rise to disputes. There are inherent ground risks and geohazards in the soils that are mined for their mineral deposits. Given the expensive plant and labour-intensive operations that often take place in remote locations, with challenging working conditions, various issues can present delays and disruptions that result in loss and expense.

How CCi Can Help

Our experienced technical experts identify the causes of incidents and damages, and our experts will analyse the impact of any delays or changes for the project. All lost time, accompanying costs, disruption and prolongations will be identified, evidenced, and valued. Our quantum and delay teams assess the commercial risk of our clients, and assist in the setting up of correct project controls from within the project team.

Our Expertise In Mining

CCi understands modern mining methods, processes, and equipment. Our technical experts are involved in drafting international standards that our mining clients must adhere to, in addition to understanding the demands and challenges encountered by our mining clients. We are well-versed in less common contractual arrangements in the mining industry.

Scope of Work

CCi advise on the technical and project control clauses that assist lawyers in drafting ad hoc contracts that properly manage change and diminish risk. CCi experts also oversee the project controls during the work and protect all parties from unnecessary risk of conflict.

CCi Experts Have Mining Experience

CCi employ experts who have testified and reported on mining disputes across the globe. These experts have experienced cross examination and joint expert testimony.

Sector Specific Understanding Of Issues and Solutions

With contracts specific to the industry, and often to particular clients, our experts have handled most forms of construction and shipping contracts in common use, as well as many which are rarely used or confined to certain geographic areas.

Mining Operations: Delay, Quantum And Technical Experts

Our specialist consultants, advisors and experts are strategically based around the globe, acting to protect your interests on construction, engineering, energy and technology projects. We focus on providing three core skill sets — planning, quantum and technical — which are intrinsically linked. These disciplines allow us to offer an integrated approach as well as individual expertise across this sector.

Mining Projects

CCi have worked on Mining projects worldwide, here are some examples:

Potash Mine

Location: USA

A conveyor at a Potash mine that carried product to warehouses before it could be loaded onto trains and distributed to customers collapsed. The collapse required the actual conveyor to be rebuilt and repairs to one of the warehouses where the conveyor had collapsed through the roof. Due to operational preference, the Insured decided to rebuild the conveyor in a different configuration than what was presented prior to the event. The new configuration required additional permitting from regulatory bodies that would not have been required if the conveyor was rebuilt in the same configuration as before the collapse. CCi was retained to determine for Insurers whether the delays caused by the requirement to re-permit increased the interruption period being claimed by the Insured.

Vanadium Mine

Location: Australia

Following fire damage at the world’s largest vanadium mine, two divergent hypothetical timelines emerged relating to the redesigned reinstatement of the beneficiation process plant. CCi was appointed in a joint expert capacity to assess and provide recommendations against the two timelines. CCi conducted a probabilistic analysis to help determine which of the hypothetical timelines was the most realistic.

Underground Potash Mine

Location: Thailand

During commissioning of the mine, an underground inrush flooded the mine causing damage. CCi undertook the monitoring and support of the recovery plan created by the insured to re-establish the underground operations and provided advice to the insurers on the ‘but for’ position.