210MW Solar Plant

A fire occurred in the central tower of a solar plant where the solar receiver is located. Carried out an investigation to establish the pre-incident position and performed a technical analysis of the critical route of the project and possible causes of any delay in commercial operation, which helped our client to facilitate early settlement.


London Underground Line Extension Project (Crossrail)

CCI was appointed to provide commercial support and key performance and cost indicators to the executive board.


MOPUstor Platform

Defects identified during the grouting of the platform’s jack-up system were claimed to be the reason behind termination of the project’s construction contract.


Steel Plant

The exhaust pipe from the top of a steel furnace collapsed through the roof and required repair before the furnace could return to production.


Potash Mine

A conveyor at a Potash mine that carried product to warehouses before it could be loaded onto trains and distributed to customers collapsed.