1.4GW Combined Cycle Power Plant

During the equipment commissioning operation for the project’s steam turbine unit, a system error triggered an unscheduled shutdown of the lubricating oil pumps causing damage to the turbine shaft. The damage was such that the entire unit required replacement, although the Insured was able to carry out in-situ partial repairs to allow for temporary operation until the new unit could be procured. CCi was instructed to carry out a delay analysis on the project schedules to determine to what extent the incident delayed the Project Commercial Operation Date (COD). In carrying out the analysis, CCi used contemporaneous project records and construction schedules to identify several additional commissioning activities in the post-incident period that were not forecast at the time of the incident. CCi’s analysis of these activities is ongoing, focusing on whether the project would have experienced any delay to the forecast COD had the lube failure incident not occurred.


Crude Oil Refinery

Unprecedented rainfall caused significant damage to stored equipment at the world’s largest refining hub, with crude processing capacity of 1.24 million barrels per day.


International Airport

Post-tender advice to specialist contractor on FIDIC Yellow Book 1999 provisions as amended by particular conditions regarding schedule of prices, change and valuation of change prior to executing contracts.


Tunnel Project

CCi was appointed by the tunnelling subcontractor as quantum expert and worked alongside the geotechnical expert to give an opinion on the losses incurred as a result of unforeseeable ground conditions.


Airport Link Motorway

It was claimed that seven separate events had caused critical delay to the project’s completion date.