Dispute Resolution

Credible objective analysis and efficient settlement strategies

Our delay, quantum and technical experts are specialists at resolving disputes. Their incisive and objective analysis has resolved high-profile and complex construction disputes around the world. Clients choose to work with us because of our industry and dispute resolution expertise. We are relentless in our pursuit of a resolution before a case reaches arbitration, litigation or adjudication. Our strong track record of global dispute resolution shows the value of this focus.

When you work with CCi, our consultants will carry out a detailed forensic analysis to establish the liabilities and entitlements of all parties to the dispute, before preparing a dispute resolution strategy that aligns business objectives, contract entitlements and costs of the process. Our aim is always to avoid formal proceedings by strategically negotiating a timely, cost-effective and amicable resolution.

A comprehensive dispute resolution service

  • Proven, internationally renowned industry experience and dispute resolution expertise
  • Clear and insightful analysis that establishes exactly where you stand
  • An ethos based on understanding each resolution strategy is itself a project to be managed, balancing cost versus anticipated outcome


CCi have worked on hundreds of projects worldwide. With specialist teams in time, cost and technical, and a broad range of industry experience, we bring clarity to the most complex of situations.

Subsea Production Umbilicals

Location: Europe

Two damage events, both concerning cracking to the outer sheaths of the Umbilicals led to critical delay of the ‘load out’ milestone. CCi was appointed to assess the extent to which damage had delayed the project and to quantify associated liquidated damages. Utilising a time slice analysis, CCi’s analysis enabled a successful resolution of the claim.

Potash Mine

Location: USA

A conveyor at a Potash mine that carried product to warehouses before it could be loaded onto trains and distributed to customers collapsed. The collapse required the actual conveyor to be rebuilt and repairs to one of the warehouses where the conveyor had collapsed through the roof. Due to operational preference, the Insured decided to rebuild the conveyor in a different configuration than what was presented prior to the event. The new configuration required additional permitting from regulatory bodies that would not have been required if the conveyor was rebuilt in the same configuration as before the collapse. CCi was retained to determine for Insurers whether the delays caused by the requirement to re-permit increased the interruption period being claimed by the Insured.

Aluminium Smelter

Location: UAE

Following force majeure events, the aluminium production facility suffered a total ‘freeze’ of all operating liquid aluminium pots. At the time of the incident the project was ramping up the newly constructed facilities. CCi’s role included preparation of a ‘but for’ assessment of the timeline-related factors. This identified events that would have interrupted the normal progress of the ramp-up process had the force majeure event not occurred.