Internationally Respected Independent Experts

At CCi we supply our clients with objective advice which can often provide the catalyst to settle differences and reduce the risk associated with formal proceedings.

The principal issues that commonly give rise to disputes – time, tehnical, and money – are areas in which we have demonstrated world class expertise:

  • Technical experts in engineering and design disciplines
  • Delay, disruption, prolongation and acceleration analysis
  • Quantum assessments

Much of our business is generated through repeat appointments, and recommendations from our clients.

CCi provide a global network of delay, quantum and technical experts. All of our experts have a high level of expertise and direct industry experience. Our forensic analysis and opinions are provided in clear and concise expert reports. Our independent and impartial experts are trained in providing oral testimony in Court and for tribunals.

These three disciplines are intrinsically linked, and we believe that a client’s case is best served when all three disciplines are provided as an integrated service. This ensures that the exchange of information between delay, quantum and technical experts is efficient and effective.

Our experts are appointed to assist Courts as well as local and international arbitration Tribunals. Our experts also support adjudication and mediation proceedings.

CCi’s reports are supported by clear and concise evidence, backed by relevant and current industry knowledge. Our experts are accomplished in working collaboratively alongside clients and their legal teams.


CCi have worked on hundreds of projects worldwide. With specialist teams in time, cost and technical, and a broad range of industry experience, we bring clarity to the most complex of situations.

Ferrochrome Smelter

Location: Kazakhstan

A catastrophic breakout of molten metal caused significant damage to the construction of the ferrochrome melt shop. CCi was appointed as delay expert to objectively separate critical delay from the breakout and delays resultant from ongoing procurement issues for key equipment located elsewhere in the project. CCi conducted a ‘but for’ assessment of the project status based on contemporaneous information and a detailed review of ‘pacing’. Both assessments contributed to a successful claim settlement.

61MW Onshore Wind Farm

Location: UK

The Super Grid Transformer suffered delay during transit which led to critical delays to the phased handover of the plant. CCi was appointed as the delay expert to help quantify the extent to which the project had suffered delay to its commercial operation date as a result of damage. Working with very limited available information, CCi worked collaboratively and flexibly with the insured to establish the overall project status and achieve a successful settlement of the claim.

187MW Hydro Power Plant

Location: Europe

Following the collapse of the project’s headrace tunnel, CCi was appointed as the delay expert to produce an analysis that would eventually facilitate a mediated settlement. CCi used a combination of a windows analysis and a modelled hypothetical critical path to identify the difference between the project’s actual duration and the project’s ‘but for’ duration, had the tunnel’s defects been rectified immediately prior to the collapse.