30 March 2020

What’s the benefit of CCi’s involvement to the Insured?

BY: Steven Horne | IN: Articles


The response to that question is dependent on the specific context of the project, the parties involved, their ongoing relationships, and the pressing commercial considerations which parties will naturally seek to protect. But whether CCi’s involvement is on a pre-loss monitoring basis, or early involvement following a loss, there are benefits to all parties.

A key benefit to the Insured of working collaboratively and for CCi to be involved at an early stage is a reduction in the onset of wholly avoidable disputes.

As soon as there is a claim, a transparent process is needed for a quick and efficient response, which CCi’s involvement creates.

The correct delay periods can be discussed at an early stage, clarification can be sought before any expectations, on both sides, are set and assessment of mitigation and acceleration measures can be made confidently and quickly so that Insurers have certainty that the measures are economic and related to damage and the Insured and their contractors have certainty of recovering these mitigation costs.

This is of particular importance at the moment as projects prepare to respond to disruption from COVID-19. Projects around the world will feel the disruption to their supply chains, with diminished work forces, remote working of head office staff and potential for site decontamination and authority-imposed shutdowns.

These complications will only act to frustrate the claims process if left unclarified as the ‘elephant in the room’, but with the assistance of the right expertise on time element claims they need not create contention. On claims, now more than ever, it is vital that all parties work dynamically and collaboratively in a truly transparent arena and that we all respond proactively to challenges projects will already be facing.

When a claim arises, the Insured’s senior management are usually drawn into the administration along with site personnel, which can be time-consuming, complex and costly in itself when they still have an ongoing project to complete. If CCi are appointed early, then at the point that a claim occurs we can liaise with Insurers to provide the information and clarifications they require whilst the immediate response to the incident is ongoing and the project team can be left to delivering the project.

Working collaboratively and with an early Involvement of experts allows us to maximise the likelihood of insurance coverage responding efficiently, for the claims process to be less protracted, cashflow to be secured sooner, and for claims are settled as early as possible.

Early involvement and a collaborative Involvement of CCi ensures a better overall claims experience for all.