What’s the benefit of CCi’s involvement to the Insured?

The response to that question is dependent on the specific context of the project, the parties involved, their ongoing relationships, and the pressing commercial considerations which parties will naturally seek to protect. But whether CCi’s involvement is on a pre-loss monitoring basis, or early involvement following a loss, there are benefits to all parties. A […]

JCT Contracts – Health Risks – COVID 19

The impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to escalate and will likely significantly affect projects in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Essentially, delay and disruption to projects due to material shortages, restrictions on movement of workforce, shutdown of sites or illness of workforce on site (for example the recent temporary suspension of works to construct […]

NEC3: Have you contractually vaccinated against COVID-19?

The Coronavirus has now spread to over 100 countries and the World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic. Some countries have taken drastic measures to contain the outbreak, and it is likely others will follow. Construction supply chains operate across local and global boundaries, relying on movement of materials and other resources to arrive just […]