Ed. 5: Greening the Grid

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) – the catalyst to unlock renewables? Paul McGonagle Electrical Engineering Specialist Solar and BESS Expert paul.mcgonagle@ccint.co.uk Global battery storage capacity additions in 2020 rose to a record high of 5GW. Both China and the United States registered gigawatt scale additions. Utility-scale installations continue to dominate the market, accounting for around […]

Ed. 4: Offshore Wind Construction – New Vessels, New Risk?

Risks Associated with Proliferation of Highly Specialised New Build Offshore Wind Installation Vessels Daniel Sim – Associate (CCi) Daniel.Sim@ccint.co.uk +44 (0)7730 445 020 Mr. Daniel Sim Associate Director – Renewables Lead Max Braslavsky – Asscoiate (Clyde & Co) Max.Braslavsky@clydeco.com +44 20 7876 6086 Mr. Max Braslavsky Associate Paul Lowrie – Partner (Clyde & Co) Paul.Lowrie@clydeco.com […]

Ed. 3: Offshore Wind – Is the MWS still the eyes and ears of underwriters?

Marine Warranty Survey – New JRC Clauses for Offshore Wind The offshore wind construction market is booming. As mentioned in the 2021 offshore wind report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) issued earlier this month, last year’s total of 6.1GW of newly installed wind capacity was a slight reduction on the record 6.24GW installed […]

Ed. 2: Going deeper, the future of offshore wind?

Emerging from the grip of a global pandemic, the world faces unprecedented times. Times that have challenged the global society about their attitudes and perceptions of key issues. But those key issues are in a constant state of flux and are ever-changing. One area that has been pushed to the fore is Environmental Social Governance […]