7 March 2024

CCi and Rimkus celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD)

BY: Joanne Worman | IN: Articles

CCi and Rimkus celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) by “Inspiring Inclusion” and committing to empowering women and advancing gender equality.

IWD is a beacon of empowerment, unity, and progress, celebrated globally on 8 March each year. This day serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the achievements of women worldwide. More than just a date on the calendar, it’s a powerful call to action, advocating for inclusivity and recognition of women’s contributions across all spheres of life.

By celebrating IWD, we honour women’s achievements and spotlight the obstacles they continue to face. In business, it serves as a platform to raise awareness about gender discrimination that comes in various forms, such as unequal pay, underrepresentation in leadership, unconscious bias, harassment, and work-life balance challenges. CCi and its parent company Rimkus, through education and advocacy, continue to work towards dismantling these barriers and creating a more inclusive and equitable society for all colleagues.

We use IWD as an opportunity to foster a sense of solidarity and unity among people of all genders. It’s a day to recognise that gender equality is not just a women’s issue but a fundamental human right that benefits everyone. By promoting inclusivity and diversity, we hope to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds to drive positive change and build a more just and equitable workplace.

We asked CCi and Rimkus colleagues to share what it means to them personally to inspire inclusion. This is what they had to say:

On IWD, I would like to reflect, as someone who has primarily worked in male-dominated industries, how I am surrounded by women facing very different obstacles to my own. It is inspiring how these women, who are often held to higher standards, are still able to reach the pinnacle of their profession, usually under tough personal circumstances or whilst facing the demands of caring for others. I invite all my colleagues to reflect on these inspirational women, to ACT to recognise their efforts, and make sure they are INCLUDED in every aspect of their professional life.

As a Muslim woman, ‘inspire inclusion’ on IWD holds profound significance. It’s about creating a world where my unique identity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. It means breaking through stereotypes and biases, carving out spaces where I can confidently embrace my culture and faith. It’s the warmth of recognition, the empowerment to defy expectations, and the joy of contributing my perspective. Inspiring inclusion is my journey of dismantling barriers, amplifying my voice, and ensuring that, as a Muslim woman, my story, experiences, and aspirations are valued and pivotal in shaping a more diverse and inclusive global narrative

As a District Manager, committee chair, and an inaugural member of our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, ‘inspire inclusion’ is more than just a catchphrase, it’s an action statement! It’s an opportunity for all levels of professionals to incite change and foster practices that promote a sense of belonging. While there is a general understanding of the importance of inclusion, we must continue to take tangible, yet, practical steps toward a more equitable and just environment.

Inspiring inclusion means encouraging others to embrace diversity and welcoming all people regardless of our differences. Inclusion is ensuring representation and a voice for everyone. I am proud to work in an inclusive environment and will continue to strive to inspire inclusion, working to build a healthier, more supportive culture for everyone.

In my personal journey, I have constantly pushed my boundaries and sometimes defied societal expectations. Yet, I recognise that without the invaluable support of those who looked beyond my gender and origins, my path would have been much more challenging. Their belief in inclusion and diversity has propelled me forward, emphasising that empowering women and fostering inclusivity is a collective effort. Despite significant progress, unequal pay, and underrepresentation in leadership roles, amongst other obstacles, persist, highlighting the ongoing need to ‘inspire inclusion’. Therefore, for me personally, IWD goes beyond applauding women for their achievements and also serves as a reminder of the continuous journey towards genuine equality

I am thankful for the very progressive team that I work with here at CCi Singapore, where I feel there is no distinction between tasks and responsibilities based on gender. In previous roles, I have experienced environments that have gender-based stereotyped roles and responsibilities commonly placed by society. Being asked to carry out a task because it’s a “woman's job" just shouldn’t be acceptable. There are so many ways to practise inclusivity in the workplace, it doesn't just stop at family-friendly policies for women. Let's remember that inclusivity benefits not only women but also the business. Celebrate IWD by embracing equality in the workplace!

Inclusion is fostering a space where everyone feels appreciated and recognised for their individuality. It's about understanding that each person's unique viewpoint enriches our shared experience. When we embrace and empower each other's authentic selves, we unlock unlimited potential for creativity, collaboration, and progress. Every day, I strive to make others feel included by actively listening, showing empathy, and encouraging their contributions. It's a question I often reflect on: 'What have I done today to make someone feel included?' This mindset not only nurtures a culture of belonging but also moves us forward, together.

For me, inclusion means ensuring that every individual is acknowledged for their unique skills, given chances to participate, and their viewpoints heard, respected and valued.

To me, inspiring inclusion means being able to bring my whole self to work and helping to create a space where others feel confident to do the same.

Embracing inclusion means welcoming everyone to the table, where diversity isn't just okay - it's celebrated. Every unique perspective adds richness to humanity's story, creating a stronger, more colourful tapestry of unity.

CCi and Rimkus wholeheartedly support IWD. It reminds us of our progress towards gender equality while acknowledging the work we still need to do. We understand that this is an ongoing journey that requires dedication and continuous effort from all levels of the organisation, and we are committed to taking proactive steps towards achieving our goals!