5 April 2023

CCi Appoints Stuart Cowley as Regional Director for Victoria

BY: Sinead Waldron | IN: Company News

Capital Consulting International (CCi), a global leader in integrated delay, quantum and technical expert solutions to the insurance and construction industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stuart Cowley as Regional Director for Victoria. Stuart will primarily focus on the expansion of CCi’s client base across the state of Victoria, the development and growth of CCi’s Melbourne team, and work with CCi’s leadership team to ensure that collaboration opportunities are realised.

Stuart is a Certified Quantity Surveyor and Executive who has built a wealth of experience in quantity surveying, commercial advisory, and business management across Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Stuart has excellent relationships across Infrastructure, Construction, and Defence sectors and will add real value to CCi’s talented and diverse team in Melbourne. Stuart is passionate about building the right team culture through hands-on leadership, continuous learning, and strong communication.

“We are excited to welcome Stuart to our team in Victoria. Stuart brings further depth and leadership experience to our Melbourne based operations, and we look forward to continued growth and support of our client base within the Region.”
James Funge
Managing Director Asia Pacific
“I am delighted to be appointed as the Regional Director of Victoria; it’s really exciting to be joining CCi during this period of fervent investment and growth. I’m looking forward to developing the team and expanding our service offering to serve the Victorian market.

With so many major projects in progress here in Victoria, we have a significant opportunity to continue growing the already strong team through success that is built on trust, innovation, expertise.”
Stuart Cowley
Regional Director Victoria