8 September 2020

CCi increases its Technical Expertise with the appointment of Dr Aime Harrison as Managing Director of Technical Services

BY: CCi | IN: Company News

In his recent article our CEO Alan Purbrick asked the question “What is it that Insurers actually want?”

Following any form of property damage, Insurers need a good level of comfort about the loss in terms of scope of damage, how much it will cost to repair and how long it will take. Equally important is for the Insurer to deliver on the promise made to their customer when the premium was paid – an effective, timely, professional, and supportive claim response. Over recent times many leading Insurers and Brokers have recognised their claims service as a key differentiator. This ability to triage losses quickly and accurately after an event is exactly what CCi has been developing its time, cost, and engineering teams for. The ability to call on these 3 core disciplines provides many benefits from a construction and engineering point of view, but specifically from an insurance point of view.

In continuing to develop these three core disciplines CCi are pleased to announce the arrival from EFI Global of Dr Aime Harrison as Managing Director of Technical Services. Aime will lead CCi’s multi-disciplined technical and engineering team across our global platform, whilst also continuing to provide expert technical services in her professional discipline as a Chartered Civil Engineer. Aime is specialised in providing forensic engineering services to insurance companies, lawyers, P&I Clubs, port owners and operators, ship owners, and other members of the energy, mining and construction and engineering communities. She is a published author and provides technical advice to the International Maritime Organisation for the drafting of international shipping regulations. She regularly provides expert witness forensic advice for construction, shipping, offshore energy, and various geotechnical engineering claims.

Dr Aime Harrison

Aime and her team ensure that CCi delivers a strategic response to technical and complex claims globally, assisting our clients in meeting the needs of their Policyholders.

Our extensive professional resource is already able to provide a full range of engineering services, including: –

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical
  • Generator/transformer
  • Turbine
  • Linear programming
  • Tunnelling and Pipelines

“Complex losses require a technical response – single point contact with experts who can provide and co-ordinate the necessary expert input from a qualified team of people. And this system works best if the experts are connected within the same organisation –saving time, costs and leading to a quicker accurate resolution and a better claims experience.”