19 August 2022

Interview with Rimkus President & COO, Jon Higgins

BY: Charlotte Hobbs | IN: Company News


In this article, we sit down with Jonathan ‘Jon’ Higgins, Rimkus President and Chief Operating Officer, reflecting on the Rimkus acquisition of CCi in December 2021 and the future of the two organisations.

Jon also talks about his time spent in Australia meeting the CCi ‘down under’ team.

How has the strategic acquisition of CCi by Rimkus strengthened Rimkus’ global position?

The very first thing I think of are the exceptional people who were working for CCi and Aston Consult around the world; most if not all of these employees were not recruitable by Rimkus as they were happily employed and providing exceptional service to clients. The partnership created by this acquisition united two talented teams. It’s a game changer.

Secondly, I would say the geographical footprint. CCi operates in over ten countries around the world, providing our organisation a global foundation.

Since acquiring CCi in December 2021, how has Rimkus changed as an organisation?

The largest change has to be the global nature of our combined company. Rimkus is learning how to attract, recruit, and retain talent around the world.

Another major differentiator are the service offerings in quantity surveying, delay analysis and scheduling expertise. CCi greatly expanded our capabilities in this area.

Jon and the CCi Team in Sydney, Australia

What are Rimkus’ ongoing strategic goals for growth in the region and beyond?

We work with our clients globally to answer their most complex questions and problems with industry leading customer service. That means developing a capacity for, and offering, as many of the Rimkus suite of services possible around the globe. In Asia Pacific, and in particular Australia and New Zealand, we aim to grow our base of quantum and delay expertise plus add technical engineering services throughout the region.

"We are very proud of our culture."

How is Rimkus supporting employees through the continued expansion of the company across the globe?

We invest heavily in training and are working to expand opportunities for our employees whether they are existing, arrive as a new hire or through an acquisition. In the case of an acquisition, we invest considerably in integration planning, management, and execution to ensure our new colleagues feel welcome and a part of the team. We are very proud of our culture. It’s an environment where there is always someone to help and employees are empowered to be successful. We intend to maintain that culture as we expand globally.  

What are key takeaways from your visit in Australia?

Australia is a great country with amazing people. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will return again soon.

Its insurance claims and litigation industries are very similar to that of the US but with limited expert firm options for clients. In some cases, attorneys in Australia are reaching out as far as the US for their expert needs. I see this as an opportunity.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Sydney and Melbourne so far; they are vibrant cities with many new construction projects and older build renovations underway. Rimkus AEC services would be right at home here and could offer the industry a lot of value.

I’m excited to see how much we accomplish with our new Australian friends.