13 October 2020

The development of CCi into a global consultancy offering

BY: Dave Webster | IN: Articles


Many people will have witnessed the growth of CCi over the last 18 months or so, starting with the acquisition of CNS and then the recruitment of some exceptional talent as posted on LinkedIn and through our news feeds. This has been an exciting period where we have been able to put in place the structure and critical mass needed to deliver our vision.

CCi is now an independent privately owned practice of 75 people across a global network of offices. We have recruited from what essentially are the three core disciplines within construction, engineering and energy sectors that are essential to provide the services that our clients in the insurance and construction markets need when managing and assessing claims and resolving disputes. These disciplines attract various nuances in their description but essentially, they are all matters referable to time, money, and engineering solutions. The insurance market may refer to them as time, cost and engineering disciplines and the construction market may refer to them as delay, quantum, and technical experts. In essence they are the same people.

We believe that the integration of knowledge from these three disciplines into the claim assessment or dispute solution is essential.
There is a second aspect to this integration that makes CCi unique. We know that it is also essential to our clients in the insurance market to integrate these construction disciplines with insurance market know how. This is why we provide integrated services and deliver them with industry experts.

Reaching this position and creating this offering was no accident. It comes from the leadership of CCi having spent their careers in construction, claims, disputes, and insurance.

CCi was formed 22 years ago by Alan Purbrick, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who had spent the previous 13 years of his career in the construction industry. The business was formed to bring construction expertise to serve the insurance market and focused on the analysis of delays referable to claims made under what was then a developing  area of Delay in Start Up (DSU) and Business Interruption (BI) policies. This 35 years of experience in construction and engineering alongside 22 years of experience in the insurance market justifiably makes CCi the leading experts in the assessment and management of insurance claims on complex construction, engineering, and energy losses.

I embarked on my career, also as a quantity surveyor, around the same time as Alan in 1983. Similarly, 21 years ago I changed my role in construction and started to focus on construction claims and the resolution of disputes and moved into a consultancy practice specialising in this field. I became the CEO of that practice and led them to be one of the leading expert witness and dispute resolution consultancies in the world.

Our combined 70 years of construction, engineering and energy experience together with 22 years of insurance claims experience and 21 years of construction dispute resolution experience informed and reinforced the belief that the integration of time, money and engineering disciplines also integrated with current construction, engineering and energy knowledge was essential to deliver a unique solution to the needs of our insurer, insured and construction clients. All seasoned construction professionals know the benefits that come with this approach – a complete understanding of the issues, clarity of thought and analysis on the interrelationship of time, cost and technical issues, a cohesive report bringing together these three areas of expertise, more efficient management of the claim or dispute process across the team of advisors and the client, shorter turnarounds and less cost. Perhaps the most important benefit is the integrity of the advice that will be clearly understood by all and will carry the gravitas necessary for all parties to reach agreement.

This vision is being shaped and delivered by our 75 professionals including over 30 practicing experts. Our people are leading names in the insurance market and leading experts in their fields of delay, quantum, and technical matters.

In building this group of construction, engineering, and energy professionals we have created a leadership team that is highly respected in the insurance and construction markets enjoying repeat business from our clients and their advisors:

Steve leads our insurance group across the UK and APAC. He also specialises in time element insurance policies including DSU, BI, Advance Loss of Profit, Construction All Risks and Erection All Risks. He has been appointed as delay expert on insurance claims up to $1.3bn in litigation and arbitration. Steve regularly speaks at internationally recognised industry conferences regarding delay analysis within insurance claims.

Luke leads our insurance and construction operations across the Americas. He is a civil engineer with a BEng in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Construction Law & Dispute Resolution with 20 years experience in the construction industry. He has acted as delay expert in arbitration, litigation, and mediation with some disputes over $500m. Luke has significant experience in insurance claims, particularly on Builders Risk and Property policies as well as DSU and BI claims.

Aime is Managing Director of Technical Services with a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering and a BEng (Honours) in Civil Engineering. She is a published author and advisor to the International Maritime Organisation. She has provided forensic reports and expert witness testimony for international arbitration’s and has worked in both the consulting and insurance sectors.

Andrew leads our team of quantum experts in the UK. He is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with a BSc in Quantity Surveying and FCIArb. Andrew has over 40 years’ experience in construction and engineering and is a quantum expert having provided oral testimony and has been cross examined in the Technology and Construction Court, the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) and in LCIA, ICC, SCC and domestic arbitrations.

Ian leads our delay experts in the UK. He was the founder of CNS and has over 30 years’ experience in construction and engineering with a reputation for taking complex technical and delay issues and presenting them in a simple format. He has acted as appointed expert on numerous matters of delay in litigation, arbitration, adjudication, and mediation.

Trudie is a Chartered Surveyor and the Regional Director for Asia Pacific and has 18 years construction experience across many sectors including power/energy, downstream oil and gas, building, infrastructure, mining, and ports on complex Delay in Start-up and Business Interruption claims across Asia, Australasia, the Middle East and Central America. Trudie specialises in forensic delay analysis and cost analysis for the insurance and reinsurance markets.

Andrew Corton

Andrew is the Regional Director for the Middle East. He has over 27 years construction experience, 7 years with Laing Construction in the United Kingdom followed by 10 years with international contractors mainly in the Middle East and Caribbean and the last 10 years practicing as a delay expert based in the UAE. Andrew is also engaged in broader consultancy work providing a mixture of front-end construction planning advice, project audits and delay analysis for claims in local courts and arbitration.