29 January 2024

CCi announces the launch of its Digital Technology and 4D service and the appointment of Martin Bedford

BY: Joanne Worman | IN: Company News

Capital Consulting International (CCi), a Rimkus Company, a global leader in integrated delay, quantum, and technical expert solutions to the insurance and construction industries, announces the launch of its Digital Technology and 4D service. Concurrently, CCi announces the appointment of Martin Bedford as Associate Director to lead and grow the service.

As published in Consultancy.uk on 29 January 2024

CCi’s strategic decision to launch a Digital Technology service was driven by a necessity to adapt to the industry’s changing landscape and its desire to support clients in driving efficiency and mitigating risks on construction projects.

Using 4D visualisation technology, CCi can provide its clients with a comprehensive and dynamic view of their construction projects by integrating time data and the traditional 3D spatial representation. This allows stakeholders to gain clearer insights into project timelines, potential risks, and overall project management.

It is great to join CCi at such a pivotal time. I look forward to helping the team expand on its services within Digital Technology and 4D, driving efficiency within the industry and allowing us to enhance our clients' experience.

Martin brings over ten years of experience as a planning manager applying 4D planning techniques. He has worked on a range of high-profile construction projects as a 4D planner, supporting projects in developing BIM level 2 standards, digital capabilities, and driving efficiency through the application of 4D processes.

I am delighted that Martin has joined CCi as the Digital Technology and 4D service lead. Martin brings with him extensive experience in this field, so I look forward to working with him and his team in this exciting and fast-moving part of the industry.

Martin’s passion for enhancing efficiency through the implementation of 4D processes, combined with his diverse experience in engineering, planning, and BIM, makes him the ideal candidate to spearhead the growth and development of this service.

Digital Technology and 4D

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