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Whether you require an expert witness for arbitration, litigation, or advisory services, our team is well-equipped to provide you with the insights and support you need.

Our team of exceptional expert witnesses based in the Middle East have a proven track record of providing valuable insights and expert testimony across a wide spectrum of cases and industries.

What we do

Our quantum, delay, and technical expert witnesses are highly qualified professionals possessing specialised skills and experience in the industry enabling them to effectively understand and interpret project-related documents, contracts, specifications, and industry standards. Their ability to analyse technical information, combined with their expertise in quantum, delay, and engineering matters, allows for a thorough evaluation of construction disputes.

Our quantum expert witnesses are proficient in evaluating and quantifying damages, assessing financial implications, analysing cost overruns, and identifying factors impacting project profitability. Their expertise allows for a comprehensive assessment of the financial aspects related to the case.

Our delay expert witnesses are well-versed in delay analysis and forensic scheduling techniques. They are skilled at examining project schedules, identifying critical paths, assessing delays, and determining liability for project disruptions. Their insights and analysis can significantly contribute to clarifying complex scheduling issues and establishing causation in delay-related disputes. They employ a rigorous and meticulous approach to analysing cases and delve deep into the details, evaluate evidence, conduct comprehensive research, and provide well-reasoned opinions based on their findings. Their insights and analysis can be instrumental in bolstering your legal arguments.

How we can help you

Our expert witnesses are skilled communicators who excel at presenting complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner. They have a proven ability to provide persuasive testimony, helping tribunals and arbitrators grasp intricate technical or industry-specific details crucial to the case.

If your legal matters pertain to the Middle East, our team offers a unique advantage, a deep understanding of regional market dynamics, cultural nuances, and legal frameworks to help clients enhance their chances of success.

We believe in close collaboration with legal teams to understand the specific requirements of each case. Our experts work closely with you to align their analysis and testimony with your case strategy, ensuring that their expertise complement your legal arguments and objectives.

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