1 May 2024

Beyond the Desk with Sang Jun (Jay) Lee

BY: Rebecca Bevington | IN: People News

Sang Jun (Jay) Lee joined CCi in December 2023 as an Associate Director, based in Qatar / Dubai. As part of our series to spotlight the talented people who make our business what it is, we spoke to Jay about his professional journey into the construction industry, his personal goals and interests, and his ambitions into the future.

As a Korean national, Jay’s focus is on supporting our Korean clients on major infrastructure, building, and oil and gas projects across Asia and the Middle East. Jay also provides training to Korean clients, onsite or office-based, on project controls and delay analysis.

Jay explains that he was attracted to join CCi because of the opportunity it provided to focus on resolving intricate challenges within construction projects. “CCi is one of the leaders in providing strategic solutions in construction claims and disputes. The potential for professional growth and the chance to work with seasoned experts in the field were additional factors that piqued my interest. The collaborative and dynamic environment here, coupled with the chance to contribute to the resolution of diverse construction disputes, is aligning well with my aspirations.”

I am honoured to join CCi, whose global reputation for excellence in delay, quantum, and technical consulting services is long-standing and ever-growing. I look forward to contributing to the further growth of our expert testimony work globally in the onshore construction, offshore construction, energy, infrastructure, and related sectors.

Jay has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, and is involved with project controls and forensic delay analysis. “I hold a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and an LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration. I am also a member of various professional bodies and possess experience in project management and cost control, as well as a sound knowledge of construction works related to underpass expressway roads, tunnelling, commercial buildings, and oil and gas.”

For over a decade, Jay’s experience focused on major projects in Singapore and Qatar, during which time he has fulfilled diverse roles relating to planning, cost, and claims. “My expertise includes providing delay analyses for inclusion in claims submissions, covering both extension of time and quantum costs. I have also been a primary assistant to delay experts in various ICC arbitrations, and the appointed expert in court proceedings.”

What truly drives Jay is his ability to unravel the intricacies of construction projects and efficiently resolve disputes. “I am most passionate about the opportunity my role provides to not only analyse project schedules and identify delays, but also to establish well-founded claims. I am particularly enthusiastic about sharing my expertise through training sessions with clients, where I can guide them through the techniques of delay and claim analysis.”

Conducting training sessions with clients allows me to impart valuable insights, in order to achieve fair and equitable resolutions. I am committed to creating an interactive and engaging learning experience, tailoring the content to the specific needs of clients.

Outside of work, Jay engages in a variety of activities which he finds offers balance to his professional life and contributes to his overall wellbeing. “My favourite pastimes are spending time with my family and playing golf. I find that golf offers both relaxation and a bit of friendly competition. Swimming is also a rejuvenating activity for me; the water provides a sense of tranquility and a great workout.” 

Jay also has a profound love for music and movies. “I have a keen interest in discovering new films across various genres as a means of relaxation, entertainment, and occasionally gaining fresh perspectives. I’m particularly fond of Korean movies for their compelling stories and exceptional performances by the actors. Recently I watched ‘The Roundup: Punishment’ which has been a sensation in South Korea. I also love to explore diverse musical genres and artists by attending live performances or simply enjoying music at home; my favourite artist is the Canadian singer Alanis Morissette.”

If Jay could provide his clients with one piece of advice when dealing with difficult claims, it would be to proactively seek guidance from reputable consultants and experts. “Waiting is often counterproductive in addressing complex issues, so my recommendation is to knock on the door of experienced professionals promptly. Engaging with knowledgeable consultants early on can provide invaluable insights, strategic direction, and a proactive approach to navigating difficult claims, ultimately leading to more effective and efficient resolutions.”

If you are facing delays in your construction project or seeking guidance on proactive measures to mitigate future challenges, connect with Jay:

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