Colin Naisbitt

Quantum Expert

Expert Highlights

  • Nearly 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical construction and engineering sectors.
  • Experienced in preparing in part or in whole expert reports for litigation and arbitration or adjudication.
  • Has provided oral testimony and has been cross-examined as witness of fact in TCC (EWHC 2916 (TCC)).
  • Appointed as a single joint expert
  • Experience of the procurement and commercial management of oil and gas, petrochemicals (including new build, term maintenance, and plant turnarounds), steelworks, hydro-electric, construction, on the basis of drawings and specifications, schedules of work, bills of quantities or approximate quantities, schedules of rates, daywork rates or on a reimbursable basis.
  • Experience of industry standard or bespoke contracts and collateral documents across IMechE, IChemE, JCT, FIDIC, ICE, and NEC, variants including traditional, design and build, LSTK, EPC, EPIC, EPCm and collaborative models

I have industry experience advising clients in the role of, contract administrator, and quantity surveyor on oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, and hydro-electric. I also have experience working for liquidators/administrators.

I have advised on projects in the UK, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Bermuda, Trinidad, Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia, South Africa and Kenya.

In addition to expert services, I provide claims and counterclaims preparation and rebuttal, contracts and commercial management, project review / recovery and dispute avoidance services.